Today we’re going to discuss how to tile a shower wall…specifically the mixing valve wall.

How do you cut holes in tile for tub spouts and mixing valves?

Should you lay tile directly on the tub or on spacers?

We answer all these questions in today’s video…

The first thing you should do when tiling a shower is figure out your layout.

Then you should tile the main shower wall, typically this is 5 feet.

We’re tiling the mixing valve wall today and this presents some problems for most homeowners.

Particularly when it comes time to cut holes in the tile for the tub spout, shower valve and shower arm.

Using a laser level makes tiling a shower so much easier.
We recommend Bosch’s laser level for about (

Line up your first row of tiles on the mixing valve wall with the tiles on the main wall.
Steve has several tips in the video to make this look super professional and neat.

Always lay your tile on a 1/16″ spacer, not the tub.
And leave a 1/16″ gap between the main wall tile and mixing valve tile in the corner.

In this video we used Schluter edging instead of bullnose, it’s way cheaper and more modern.

We waited to install the Schluter edging until finished with all the tile but made a pencil mark on the wall to indicate it’s location.

Also, when you get to the tub spout you can transfer the dimensions onto your tile.

Use a carbide hole saw to cut the hole in the tile, again, Steve has several recommendations.

For the mixing valve wall you can use a 4 1/2″ angle grinder and carbide blade ( to cut a hole in the tile.

This can be dangerous. So use a wheel guard (unlike us), goggles, gloves, respirator, etc.

Watch the rest of the video to get all of our tips

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To make tiling easier try Tuscan Seam Clips (leveling clips) :
For tile 1/4″- 3/8″ (blue) –
For tile 3/8″ – 1/2″ (red) –


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Lowe’s has taken a vacant warehouse and created an epic escape room full of puzzles and challenges specifically designed to test the skills of trade professionals, creators and problem solvers.

Moe, an electrician, and Wes, a home remodeler will be joined by two of our favorite YouTubers and creators, Grant Thompson from the channel, ‘The King of Random’ and Bob Clagett from ‘I like to Make Stuff.’

They will need to rely on their teamwork, creative problem solving, and skills to solve the puzzles and escape the Lowe’s Black Friday DIY Escape Room.

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On an abandoned lot in South London, architect Carl Turner and his minimalist wife Mary Martin created a new type of terrace house that, in contrast to its Victorian neighbors, resembles stacked glass cubes. Occupying most of a small plot in Brixton, Slip House is one of the UK’s most sustainable homes, but it’s not all windmills and solar panels, instead the three “slipped” (cantilevered) box forms create an ultra-modern exterior and a calm, zen-like, open-spaced interior.
The cement and steel structure of the home is covered by a semi-opaque glass which opens the home to the street by allowing passersby to see the moving shadows inside. It’s a new type of upside down house: the bottom floor houses Turner’s architecture office, the middle floor is the living quarters and the top floor with the best views is reserved for living. Martin and Turner are minimalists so to create a kind of sanctuary, they have hidden nearly all of their things behind hand-crafted birch plywood furniture.
Achieving a Level 5 for sustainable homes- the highest rating in the UK-, Slip House relies on “‘energy piles’ which use a solar assisted ground source heat pump integrated into the pile foundations”, a wildflower green roof, rain water harvesting, permeable driveway, photovoltaics, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and underfloor heating.
Arguably what makes Slip House sustainable isn’t in its materials, but in its flexibility to change with the needs of its tenants. It can morph from single family home to apartment plus office to a home plus in-law unit. Currently, Martin and Turner are “living over the shop”, but it’s a setup that they hope could be a model for affordable housing.

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