A can of paint can cost somewhere around $25, but it will simply transform the place. You can revive old looking tired walls with a fresh coat of paint. Also, add bright lights to dim hallways and highlight the features like built in bookcases or high ceilings with the help of paint. If you wish to rent out your property, then it is ideal to opt for satin or semi gloss paint. This is the type of paint on which scuff marks, crayon marks, and even grease can be simply removed by wiping them off; usually, with flat paint, you will have to repaint to remove the stains. Pay special attention to the molding because dirty and chipped molding can spoil the look of your freshly painted walls. On the outdoors make sure to use a suitable exterior paint which can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Make sure that your home appears neutral to the prospective tenants

It is necessary for your property to appeal to the masses. Most people may not be happy with a hot pink bathroom or green kitchen cabinets even if they are your preference. It is advisable to stick to neutral paint colors like beige, cream and gray. It is a good idea to offer the tenants the option to paint the house according to their choice when they move in.

You should make sure that the neutral theme includes tiles, hardwood floors, light fixtures, carpeting, and cabinets. If you choose neutral, classic designs you will not have to spend money, again and again, to constantly update to the latest trend.

There are many other things that you can do with your rental property to make it more appealing to the prospective tenants. There are many educational and informative videos online which teach you a thing or two about DIY home improvement to enhance the value of your rental property, and you can take a cue from these.