Original Release Feburary 1997
VHS Released June 8 1999
Distributed By Lyrick Studios…

Changing the Exterior look and adding a little curb appeal is easier than you think! Here’s just one of many One day projects that can bring your dated or lackluster house a little style. Box columns are easily constructed using tools many homeowners already have or can be borrowed from your handy neighbor. I’m using everyday, dimensional lumber from lowes and home depot. The particular boards are 2X8’s and 2X6’s. These columns are sitting on top of brick posts with concrete caps. The base block for the wood column, made from pressure treated lumber, is attached with an expanding masonry bolt to the concrete cap. Everything else is constructed with exterior grade decking screws. All screws are recessed into the wood with a special bit that drills a pilot and counter sink hole, it also keeps the wood from splitting.

Check back for more videos soon, this is the first of many. And if you’d like to see more, I also have two other YouTube channels. One, “The Homestead Craftsman” is all about being a craftsman, tools, wood, metal, leather, making, fixing and doing.
The second channel is “Square Inch” is specifically on the topic of another TINY house on wheels that I’m building. Check them both out and see what you think.

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Monica meets Minecraft as renowned gamer StacyPlays gets some DIY magic added to her new streaming studio/mail room combo.

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In this video I install a new window on a old house (DIY) with some tips and tricks. Feel free to comment and ask questions…

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For a furnace that is cycling on and off, the problem is usually the flame sensor. By removing the flame sensor and cleaning it, you can get your furnace to cycle properly.

When you remove the flame sensor, try not to touch the rod and clean it with a slightly abrasive material. You can use sandpaper or an emery cloth. Make sure to wipe off any sanding dust with a dry clean cloth.

Clean your flame sensor once a year and you will add life to the sensor.…

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This video shows demolition of the old bathroom and how to install a shower pan for a walk in shower. We used real slate tiles for the main floor and real pebble rocks inside the shower floor. There is 12 x 12 porcelain tile used for the walls in the shower and on one entire wall on the outside the shower. Colored concrete is used for the vanity counter and sink, sills, shower threshold and shower seat. We also used barn wood from an old barn from the 1850s for the trim and vanity cabinet.…

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I cover the steps on how to replace a kitchen sink basket.

There are several types of sink baskets on the market. I am showing one of the more popular styles.

If you are replacing the sink along with the sink strainers, it is easier to replace the strainers before you set the sink.…